3 August 2014

2014 Scholarship Arawds in Malawi

The Lives We Impact

“I want to learn how to be a nurse and help the women in my community with safe birthing and help orphaned children like myself". 


Victoria Thakiwa,

2014 Scholarship Winner

$2700 - 4 years, all expenses $675   - 1 year tuition & expenses $225   - 1 term tuition & expenses $50     - Uniforms and clothing $25     - School supplies & books $10     - Exam fees

​Or consider a gift in-kind of your professional services.

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Our Misson

8 September 2014

Our seven 'Daughters' started classes


Annual Fundraiser

October 19

Very successful!! 

Thank you to all the generous donors. 

Empower one Malawian girl at a time with expanded life choices by supporting her secondary education.

Girls are the key!

“The MBA travelers who went with me that first year were shocked to see what women without an education were expected to do. When we saw the difference our small money could make in was a no-brainer to start this scholarship."


Beverly Winterscheild,

Founding Board Member

What We Do

Daughters of Toleza Scholarship Fund financially supports the secondary (high school) education of girls from rural southern Malawi.  Our U.S.-based team is partnered with a team of Malawian employees from Toleza Farms to provide encouragement and moral support by mentoring the girls.