2016 Recipient


2017 Recipient

She is 13 years old. She is from Malakata village, where she lives with her parents who are farmers. She likes to read and wants to be a nurse.

Shalomu (Graduate)

2011 Recipient

She is age 17 years old and is the oldest of 5 children, she has one brother and three sisters. She lives with her Grandmother Nambadzo, who works at Toleza Farm in the agronomy department. She is from the Yao tribe. Her religion is Muslim. she dreams of graduating from a university in the criminal justice field. She hopes to improve the living standards of her community by building houses with iron sheet roofing and drilling boreholes for clean water. She loves singing and playing the Bawo.


2017 Recipient

She is 15 years old. She is from Mthumba village, where she lives with her grandparents. She likes to play games, read stories, and study. Jessy spoke eloquently during her interview and did not hesitate to turn the tables and ask the interview panel questions!


2016 Recipient

Gloria (Graduate)

2014 Recipient

She is age 15 and wants to continue her education to be a nurse. After her schooling she will return to her community and teach them about the opportunities that she has been provided and mentor girls like her to apply for scholarships. She was selected to be on the Bahkita netball team and is very healthy and athletic. She lost both parents and is been taking care by her grandmother. 

Allina (Graduate)

2012 Recipient

She is 17 years old and is being raised by her mother.  Her confidence and enthusiasm greatly impressed the scholarship committee.  When asked at the scholarship ceremony what advice she would give other girls like her, she proudly raised her voice and scholarship certificate and told the crowd that a girl must study hard like her!  Our team in Malawi reports that Allina is doing well during her first term at Bakhita, ranking in the top 10 of her class this term.  Educate Malawi is a full sponsor of Allina‚Äôs scholarship providing financial support for all four year.

Monica (Graduate) 

2011 Recipient 

She is age 17 years old and is the oldest of 6 children, she has two brothers and 3 sisters. She lives with her parents in the village of Mwanyali.  Her father works for Toleza Farm.  She is from the tribe of Yao.  Her religion is Moslem.  She loves to read and dreams of being a nurse one day.  Monica is talkative and confident, she is  full of smiles.


2015 Recipient

Evidence is 14 years old and lives with her grandmother in Chipwere Village. She has started off well at Bakhita, finishing her first term of Form-1 ranked 30 out of 175 students. Her highest grades were in Agriculture, Chemistry, and Physics. 

Veronica (Graduate)

2014 Recipient

She is age 16 and lives with her parents Ester and Adean with seven siblings. She dreams of being a nurse and helping her village with disease prevention. She is a bright young women that looks forward to being able to help provide for her family and community after her graduation. Her scholarship was partially funded by Bahkita School.


2016 Recipient


2013 Recipient

She is the daughter of a Toleza Farm worker and is the middle of three children and the only girl. She dreams of becoming a nurse one day so she can heal people from problems and diseases. She is a member of the Physical Science Club in school and says it will help her to achieve her goal of being a nurse. She enjoys looking after people and calls herself a leader. Grace loves reading and listening to music.  


2017 Recipient

She is 15 years old. She is from Chipwere village, where she lives with her mother who works at Toleza Farm. Her favorite subject in school is Science and Technology. She wants to be a nurse.

Victoria (Graduate)

2014 Recipient

 She is age 15 and a natural leader that and will help the other mentor future Daughters. Her mother passed away too early in life and left Victoria with her grandmother who encourages her to continue her education. She wants to help orphaned children like herself succeed in her community through nursing and mentoring. She is a bright star with a smile that lights up a room.


2017 Recipient

She is 16 years old and is from Odilo village, she lives with her mother who is a farmer. Her father has passed away. Felister hopes to be a nurse.