The girls attend Bahikta Secondary School in Balaka, Malawi; its mission is “Empowering youth to be agents of change for a better society.” It is a boarding school for about 400 girls operated by The Canossian Sisters of Australia. The Canossian Order was started a couple hundred years ago in Verona, Italy, by Magdalene of Canossa through her ministry to educate poor girls.

Bakhita Secondary School is part of the Bakhita Education Complex, which is expanding its capacity to accept an additional 240 girls over the next two years. Presently, they are providing the highest quality education of girls with the greatest affordability in the region, and possibility in the entire country.

How It Works

We are currently fundraising for the 2021 school year!

Scholarship applicants must provide their grades, a personal letter, a recommendation letter and a personal interview with 3 committee members (2 Malawian, 1 US). The local team from Toleza Farm conducts the preliminary review of applicants and select top candidates for further consideration. In the early spring, one member of the U.S. based team or a representative that we select will travel to Malawi and assist in the final selection of scholarship recipients.

Pursuit to our value of partnership, Daughters of Toleza is more than just sending our girls here; we are partnering with the sisters and working towards a long term relationship with the school. We are in regular contact with two of the sisters that have the most contact with our girls.